Dusty Strings – Allegro 26


The 26 string Allegro is an ideal, affordable instrument for the beginning harp player. Its 3 – 1/2 octaves make it conveniently portable yet provide it with enough range to serve as an excellent teaching and learning instrument.

The soundboard is a laminated birch with bound edges. The neck, back, and sides are made of solid sapele. Combining these materials with our long-proven design for a 26-string harp results in a clean, bright sound and a great balance between value and performance.

A set of straight-tapered detachable legs (included) raises the harp about 11 inches to a comfortable playing height. Padded case and additional sharping levers are optional.

Range and Tuning

Strings: 26.
Octaves: 3 1/2.
Low: C (one octaves below Middle C).
High: G (2-1/2 octaves above Middle C).
Levers: Loveland.


Soundboard: Finland birch plywood.
Sides, back, neck, and pillar: solid sapele


Maximum height w/o legs: 39.5 inches
Maximum height w/ legs: 51 inches
Maximum soundboard width: 10 inches
Weight (harp and legs): approx. 14 lbs.

Inquire as to availability and price of full Loverland levers or Camac levers. Comes with deluxe case.