Dusty Strings – Ravenna 26


Quality construction meets affordability in the Ravenna series. Portable, stave-back harps designed for the discerning, cost-conscious harp enthusiast who requires a reliable, full-range instrument with a rich, satisfying sound. Using innovative design and construction techniques (patent pending) the Ravenna 26 string harp offer almost five full octaves of distinctive Dusty Strings sound at a very attractive price. They have a warm, strong bass balanced by a bright, clear treble, even string tension for precision while playing, and high-quality materials and refined craftsmanship for lasting value. With an array of available options, the Ravenna series invites you to thoroughly enjoy exploring a full-range harp.


Loveland sharping levers are optional on the Ravenna 26. All the lever holes are pre-drilled, making it easy to add levers at a later date. The drop down leg slides smoothly into place for convenient and adjustable playing support.

Range and Tuning

Strings: 26
Octaves: 3 1/2
Low: C (1 octave below Middle C)
High: G (2 1/2 octaves above Middle C)
Levers: Loveland


Soundboard: Clear finished laminated Finland birch
Neck and pillar: solid ash with clear lacquer finish.
Soundbox: Laminated Finland birch with black ash-grained vinyl veneer.


Height: without leg extended:
to top of soundboard: 30.75 inches
maximum height: 38.75 inches
with standard leg fully extended:
to bottom of base: 14 inches
to top of soundboard: 43.5 inches
maximum height: 53.5 inches
with optional long leg fully extended:
to bottom of base: 27 inches
to top of soundboard: 56 inches
maximum height: 65.5 inches
weight: approx. 14 lbs.

Ravenna 26 (C & F levers) and Ravenna 26 (full levers). Inquire as to availability and price. Includes a black case and stool